1. M. Balberg, M. Levi, K. Kalinowski, I. Barnea, S. Mirsky, and N. T. Shaked, “Localized measurements of physical parameters within human sperm cells obtained with wide-field interferometry,” Accepted - Journal of Biophotonics, 2016 . 

  2. A. Tsalach, Z. Schiffer, E. Ratner, I. Breskin, R. Zeitak, R. Shechter, M. Balberg  "Depth selective acousto-optic flow measurement" J. of Biomedical Optics Express, 6(12), 2015 (4871-4886) 


Recent Publications

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Recent Lectures
  1. HIT lecture series "Halon La Hazon" - "Sensing the Brain with Light and Sound and Saving Lives " IN HEBREW

  2. HIT faculty club lecture "Light and sound in brain research" IN HEBREW

  3. SPIE BIOS 2016 lecture " Using interference phase microscopy for sperm evaluations" IN ENGLISH -                                 http://spie.org/spietv?video=4848767824001

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