Biophotonics Lab


In the biophotonics lab we use light to explore biological tissue. In particular, we are interested in non-invasive, localized functional imaging of the brain. 

Acousto Optic Imaging

  • We integrate light and sound to probe brain tissue and determine changes in perfusion.

  • Acousto-optics enables to localize the measurement volume and measure changes in blood flow.

Functional Brain Imaging:

  • We use fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) to study hemodynamic correlation maps.

  • We develop new algorithms that can assess brain disorders (such as Major Depression or ADHD), based on non-invasive NIRS data.


Digital Holography

(In collaboration with Dr. Natan Shaked, Tel Aviv U) - check out this video animation

Wearable sensors for healthcare applications

  • We are developing new sensors and algorithms for extracting quantitative parameters from multi-modal sensors. 

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